Bob Brierton


Approximately 50 percent of Attorney Brierton's work at present involves the litigation of workers' compensation cases before administrative judges in Johnstown, Altoona, Somerset, Greensburg and Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Between 1986 and the present, a substantial part of that litigation involved the representation of numerous individual employees in workers' compensation claims against a large number of insurance carriers and self-insured employers whom the Attorney does not represent. However, much of that workers' compensation litigation between 1986 and 2004 also involved the defense of claims filed against various self-insured employers. Attorney Brierton represented BethEnergy Mines and Bethlehem Steel in such matters as well as in over 100 federal black lung claims from 1986 until 1998, when their need for such services in Western Pennsylvania had been greatly reduced. From 1989 until November, 1993, and again from January 1, 1996 until January 4, 2004, Attorney Brierton served as the primary counsel for workers' compensation defense for Cambria County and its nursing home, Laurel Crest Manor. From 1996 until 2004, Attorney Brierton provided Bestform Foundations and its successor, VF Intimates, almost all of their workers' compensation defense in Cambria, Somerset and Blair Counties.

About 50 percent of Attorney Brierton's time since 1996 has been spent in the labor field. From 1980 until the present, he defended approximately 115 small and moderate sized businesses, school districts, public authorities, municipal and county governments in National Labor Relations Board, Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, U.S. Department of Labor and Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation proceedings, in arbitrations and in federal and state court. His work in federal court has included the participation in and oversight of the defense of a county government against a civil rights suit brought by a terminated employee, the defense of a transit authority against an injunction sought by a labor union to prevent drug testing of bus drivers as well as the defense of a mine owner against a wage payment collection action brought against him by the employees of his bankrupt coal company. He also has represented plaintiffs in 4 separate civil rights actions against their employers.

Since l980, Attorney Brierton also has negotiated 55 collective bargaining agreements and advised businesses, municipal and county governments as well as other attorneys during the negotiation of an additional 44 collective bargaining agreements. Six unions were decertified during or shortly after those negotiations. In addition, only one strike or work stoppage occurred during the 55 union negotiations which he conducted as a management spokesman or negotiator. All in all, Attorney Brierton has entered his appearance in over 17 representation elections before the NLRB or the PLRB since 1980. He further served as the sole labor counsel for Cambria County and its nursing home, Laurel Crest, in their relations with over 1,400 employees between 1996 and 2002.

A growing portion of the Attorney's practice is devoted to advising and assisting individual clients in the preparation of their Last Wills, Living Wills and General Powers of Attorney as well as in the administration and probate of their estates.

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